Monday, November 16, 2009

Goldeneye Severnaya Surface 1

I had some footage of me walking back from the local duck pond in the snow, so put one of the Goldeneye surface tracks I wrote underneath.



  1. Just wanted to say, fantastic work on the timesplitter soundtracks. To me, the music seems more like an elemental peice in the game instead of an accent in importance, as is done in some. I think grade A music makes for a much more enjoyable game, as it brilliantly sets the mood for what you are playing.

    Ah, TS2 death matches to the Circus theme.

    Hopefully we can hope for more from you in a new timesplitters, assuming crytek does somthing? huh huh? ;)

    All the best.

  2. Now just pull out your RL22 and you've got yourself a reenactment.

  3. I guess you got lucky that all the Syberian Special Forces were on break at the time.