Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A day of installing

Day two back at Crytek and almost done installing everything, a lot quicker than in the old days of hardware samplers and synths..

I remember when Free Radical moved for the 2nd time in 2002, it took me nearly 2 weeks to rewire the whole studio.

These days, it's a PC, soundcard and audio software and bob is your uncle.

We're going to be moving to a new studio very soon, which means going through the old hardware I've accumalated over the years.... ready for a history lesson ?

I found a 2 speed external cdrom that I used with my Akai Sampler, then, a box of Jaz Drives, which had removable 2 gig cartridges, all linked up with a very unreliable scsi interface....scsi boys and girls was what we had along with serial and parallel ports before usb.

Then the finds got even sillier.... another removable drive...this time a 230 meg (yes megs) optical drive... it cost me 800 UK pounds in 1994 and I thought it was the business, as before then, I'd been loading my samples into the Akai using Floppy Disks.

Every morning I'd go into Rare and spend half an hour loading the samples in for the piece i was writing.

We soon forget how far technology has progressed.

Tomorrow, setting up done, it's time to make some noise.

S3000.jpg picture by grey242

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  1. What software are you using at the moment? Is it Cubase? Oh and is it a PC or a Mac? Please don't say it's a Mac :P

  2. I hope it all goes well.

    What's wrong with Macs? At least they don't crash every 5 minutes, get malware or slow down to unusable levels.

  3. Chill down man, it was only a joke :P

  4. Now now, play nicely, we'll have no, "Mine is better than yours" arguments here...as we all know, the Commodore 64 was way better than the Spectrum and that's that!

  5. I was only giving an opinion in a non-obtrusive way. At least I thought so. Also, with no body language or tone, it's much more difficult to determine what jokes are on the internet.