Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired but Happy

It's taken a lot of adjustment having to get up at a regular time in the morning...yes, I can sense your hearts bleeding from here I know.

The result is that after a days work, a rather rubbish commute home north on the M1, I'm finished when I get home... I'm hoping this is a temporary state of affairs as I still have lots I want to achieve at home as well as at work.

Work has been good so far this week, our senior audio director was over for his monthly visit, good work was done, and new and exiting work is on the horizon.

The weekend was a belter too... work hard and play hard... may be a very 80s sentiment but it's proved true recently. Our creative director had a birthday / house warming party, known as the ultraparty...we've moved up a decade, but we're still living in the past here  !

It was a night to behold, live boxing, a truth or dare room, a tarot reader, a lady giving out Indian head massages, a whole pig spit roast, tunes mixed and provided by my big headed self and the largest rum and coke you've ever seen...all drank by sucking a 100 foot straw... which I did manage.

He claims his next one will include a real ghost...somehow... but I feel he's still lightheaded from sucking on that straw!

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