Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caved in.........

Just when I didn't think there was any further ways for work avoidance, I've created a twitter account.

I can see why Stephen Fry turned off all his technology to finish his book... it's so distracting...

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  1. Oh no, not Twitter D:
    That should be classed as an illegal drug.

  2. Great to see you on Twitter, Graeme. It's actually not as much of waste of time as other social networks. As someone who used to overwrite a lot, I found Twitter a great way to practice communicating core info in short form.

  3. There's nothing better than work avoidance. Even in your case. I mean, even if you do get fired you could get ANY JOB you wanted. Just say you wrote the music for Goldeneye XD

    Best resume everrr.

  4. Why Twitter? Why facebook?

    But anyway: I like your music ^^