Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye Hardware

With our impending office move in about 6 weeks, it's finally time to say goodbye to a lot of old hardware... it's just not needed these days.

What's a sampler with 256 meg compared to something like the East West Complete Composers collection weighing in at 277 gigs.

Progress is a wonderful thing, but I'll still be sorry to see it go.

Worst of all will be my old analogue mixing desk, my Soundcrast Spirit Studio 32. My god, I loved that desk, it was so transparent, tracks would mix themselves and if you could really overload it to get nice crunchy percussion.

It's massive though, my penultimate room at the office I'm in now was actually too small to fit the thing in.... everything is mixed in software these days grandad, get with the 21st century!.

Not that this would ever happen - I'm not a famous recording artist with a library of albums available - but it's a strange feeling knowing that all those tracks written over the years are gone all but a stereo mix either as a computer file or cd recording.

Written on old versions of cubase, no longer compatible with the latest and greatest version.

Samples stored in obselete storage formats, in properirty file formats unreadable by todays PCs and Macs.

Synth parts from synths long gone, and patches long forgotten how they were ever made.

It's lucky that the whole remastering thing is such a con to get us to buy everything again in the believe we're getting to hear something new - when mostly it's just the old masters compressed and limited to within an inch of their life to bring their volume up to that of the current trend.

Some remastering is wonderful though of course, the work done on the Beatles back catalogue is nothing short of genius.

Maybe in 40 years from now, we'll be able to feed our wave files into a computer program like Melodyne, and it'll work out all the seperate parts and give us solo'd versions ready for remixing.

Now there's a thought......

Looks like I've just allayed my own fears of saying bye bye to my old hardware!

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