Friday, February 12, 2010

The Stercutus Touch

Not every day is a winner.

I've had a case of the midas touch opposite, which I've been told is something to do about Stercutus.

Doing a load of work, which somehow goes wrong and takes a day to get back to where you started is very frustrating.

I feel like the time when Homer Simpson is left to look after Mr. Burns house.... Burns and Smithers leave, but forget something, they come back through the front door, and Homer has crashed arse first through a painting whilst the place is on fire.

On the plus side, our main boss dude visited the UK studio the last couple of days, and we very pleased with our progress with all our projects, exciting times!

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  1. I was acctually thinking about that the other day! It's not that big of the problem on Xbox, but I was playing on the PS3, and the loading times were horrible!

    Made me think of the commadore / amiga which had the longest load times :P

    Oh, how I miss the Nintendo Cartrage days :P

  2. Dammit, ment to comment on the loading post :P