Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moving out.

Thursday was the last day at the office I've spent the last 8 years.

In 2002, Free Radical had outgrown it's current office for the 2nd time, really, it was crazy by the end of each office, people were literally crow barred into the place.

Pictured is Unit 1, up until Crytek took over last year, we'd taken over another 4 units. Housing 250 plus staff needs a lot of space!

The location itself I feel had mixed reviews.... it was in the middle of nowhere, so there wasn't much you could do after work or for lunch.

But, for me, I liked it, because it was near some nice countryside for lunchtime walks, and most of the time, I had a window with a tree in view.

Monday sees a move to the city centre, no windows (for me at least), no countryside, but on the flip side... plenty to do outside of work, a beautifully designed work area, completely open plan so all the team can work together, plenty of breakout spaces for lunchtimes, purpose built audio visual and meeting rooms and a network speed that will make the old one feel like dial up.

Also, a first for me... a sound proofed recording booth, that I didn't have to build myself !

I think I built four whilst at FRD.

P3240004b.jpg picture by grey242

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  1. Good stuff! It sounds like Crytek are really looking after you guys, I've love to see Free Radical/Crytek UK branch out and push out more titles on a regular basis. The quality of your games, barring Haze (sorry) are unparalleled to this day. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey some of us like Haze... (the botmatch mode using asymmetric factions on the DLC maps is still enjoyable to this day, for anyone who liked Timesplitters 1-3 and Perfect Dark 1...)