Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slacky Slackington

The purpose of this blog was meant to be a daily aide mémoire of my working day...more for me than anyone else...but if other people enjoy it, then that's a lovely plus point.

What I've realised is, a lot of days are spent doing things that really don't warrant writing about... at least not to my mind anyway.

Or I get lazy and forget... you choose which one is more likely.

Last week for instance, a very merry day was spent with a microphone, sledgehammer and old electrical items.

But, by the end of the day, I was so exhausted, the last thing on one's mind is to document what's happened... the first thing on the mind is BED BED BED

I bet Samuel Pepys didn't have this problem... he was either burying his cheese in his garden or making up cryptic markings to signify he'd had the pleasure of love single handed.

So, are Samuel no doubt did on those particular days, we finally reach the climax of this post... Today was day 2 into a new tune... Yesterday was the killer, hard work and uncertainty... today, I'm more sure about what I'm producing, but comes the running into the brick wall of ideas, and the endless fine tooth combing of polish... I can make that part last for weeks.... at least I had the luxury in the past of being able to spend that amount of time.

It's good to be writing music though.... it's one of the main things in life I enjoy the most and yet, it's the thing I spend the most time putting off doing.



As a post script... if you've got a facebook account... you may have heard of it...it's all the rage apparently.... well, I have an offer you won't be able to refuse..

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  1. So you get paid to sledgehammer electrical items? Sounds awesome :P