Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Radical's 11th Birthday

Free Radical would have been 11 years old today.

To celebrate this, here is an un-released track never before heard anywhere.

Written around the period of TS:FP.



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  1. Awesome track, is there hope for a new TS game in the future?

  2. Happy Birthday Free Rad :D

    Awesome track, i will make sure to spread it around!

  3. It's very good indeed. Would you consider allowing me to use the song in a TimeSplitters fan game me and a few others are making? Its working name is TimeSplitters Platinum, which will possibly change. Here is some information about it.

    Since the first post I have got permission from Crytek UK and aparently they don't care if I use anything as long as the game stays non-comercial.

    Active discussion is here -

    I didn't know which way to contact you. My email is without the $ symbols (Spam prevention):

  4. That is an awesome track I wish it was in the actual game I hope there will be another Timesplitters some day

  5. Thank you Graeme for this very good song !

    Free Radical was an excellent studio and I'll never forget his work and exceptional video games like Timesplitters...

    I hope there will be a new TS... I know many people around me who also dream.

    A fan ;)