Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can teach an old dog new tricks.


How I love to hate you.

I've used this program for...hmmm...18 years.... EIGHTEEN !

On the Atari ST, then the Falcoln, then various incarnations of PCs and various versions of Cubase.

A confession, to those who don't already know.... I used Cubase Score 3.0 for PC from 1996 to 2005.

No VSTs, no audio tracks, no effects, just midi. Midi controlling external hardware.

It never crashed on me, it was clean looking, I could see a whole mix on a 20" CRT monitor, and I loved it.

That said, I love using the newest version today, as I have done since moving to software in 2005, I'd like a monitor the length of my wall to see the mix, but having all that power at my finger tips, and total recall of a mix is fantastic, but with progress comes redundancy.

So, yesterday, I was trying to duplicate a part... a pretty basic function. you have a small event, say a bar long, and want to copy it so that it plays for 8 bars.

Pre this millenium, right click, choose pencel, hold down ALT and drag part along the arrangement window to make duplicates.

Do  you think I could get it to work yesterday... sometimes maybe, but then, my sausage fingers had clearly changed the setting of the editing tool and I was changing the volume of the part and not duplicating at all.

2 hours of swearing at progress, pointlessly reading the freakin' manual, and searching the cubase forums, and I found a work around.

Went to tell my work mate, well show him....... and he says

"oh, I just press CTRL D"

yes...thank you, I reply... and so will I from now on.

20 years, and I still don't know the basics.... it's a miracle that I've written anything !

Cubase, I love to hate you.... I love you because you've enabled me to put the music in my head into reality, and in doing that, given me a living.  I hate you because every 18 months, you move the goal posts, fix a few things, break a few more, add a few features, remove a few, but somehow convince us that if we don't upgrade, our music will be worthless, and our children will be born with small winkies.

......simpler times.......

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  1. graeme, eventho that must have been one huge nerd rage when your college gave you the ctrl+D tip ( something like : )

    but somebodies misery is another's entertainment . i lol'd so hard i felt bad laughing at your rage.

    either way, you can at least make with trouble , awesome shit again ... for 18 months till they make another update :P

  2. Industrial legend VAC also recently posted about his love for early Cubase versions here...

  3. Nice find... I used to like VAC a lot.

  4. Hi Graeme !
    I found a nice video made by someone. There's the Second sight soundtrack playing in the video.
    Here :
    His behaviour reminds me John Vattic :D

  5. Randomly found this post looking up things for Cubase. Feel bad laughing, but i'm always the colleague walking in on my studio partner spending hours doing something the hard way.
    By the way, Graeme, I'm a huge fan. My TimeSplitters mix cd never leaves my car...and the fact that you did all that on THAT software...

  6. Is that you, Grame Norgate, the guy who made the TimeSplitters music ?!

    Are you the " real" musician ?
    Wow ...
    I'm ... I'm so glad I found your blogspot ! I LOVE your music ! I remember playing Timesplitters all the night with friends, shooting monkeys and listening to your awesome work ! It really makes the style of the game. I mean ... For example the map " Mexican Mission " wouldn't be as great without your music ... Oh, I really enjoyed playing that game, and that game would be nothing without your music.
    You and the Free Radical team made a great work on TimeSplitters ( and also Second Sight ! ). Too bad FRD does not exist anymore ..., I really enjoyed their games. However, I'm very happy to know that you're still working on videogames music !

    And I have to say that you have amazed me with your differents kind of soundtracks. You can do strange and scary, songs, techno songs, 30s songs, ... You're amazing !

    'Glad I found your blog :D
    PS: Excuse me, I'm French so My English may me wrong... I hope I did not make a lot of mistakes !