Friday, June 18, 2010

A quarter of a million people can't be wrong. make the most of it, until the new version comes out ;)


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  1. Wow, this is epic! And so funny! xD

  2. Yes, a very good video.
    I wish I had a Wii, so I could play the new version.
    Are you composing the music for the new Goldeneye, Graeme?
    I understand if you can't comment on that, of course.

  3. I was about to say no he's not. But the company that is making Goldeneye 007 on Wii is Eurocom, and it's UK-based so we never know. But honestly I really don't think he's working on this new version. He is certainly fully occupied on something else at Crytek UK. What project it is? Crytek only knows... lol.

  4. Nobody else should compose it, its Graeme/Grant or no-one.

    They should at least remix it! Keep one aspect of the game the same!

    I'm so pissed off about the whole changing the storyline to fit Craig thing ><"

  5. Hahahhaa he said "and to think, I let you choose the facility," he said facility :)

  6. To respond to your posts... Neither myself or Grant, Rare or Free Radical have anything to do with the re-imagining on the Wii.

    Actitvision did contact FRD about doing this game, but chose Eurocome instead due to their work on the Quantum of Solace game.

    I'm sure it will be very good.


  7. So it's possible, that TS4 will be published on Wii?