Saturday, June 26, 2010

When things go right.

You know there's nothing more satisfying or life confirming than when things go right.

"but you make noises all day for your job, life must be sweet?!?"

You'd think that wouldn't you ?

However, there's high concept vrs reality

there's artistic intent vrs memory limitation

willing vrs broken tech

more often than you'd think, believe me.

So, less often than desired, sometimes things go right.

Changes made at our sound design  level can make big impacts on the quality of the game.

These are life affirming days. the knock on effect is, working late, jumping out of bed early the next morning to get on with work, the desire to push things as far as they can.

That is our creativity being given the chance to excel !

Make the most of that my friends when the opportunity rises.

For ever time this occurs, there will be a dozen less exciting times where you are battling with technology, fighting with the "man", fighting with the constraints of your chosen platform.

Be thankful and happy for these creative occasions, for these are what motivates us to do good things.

It's the same when writing music. You can stare at an empty sequencer screen. Listen the the crapulous guff you composed the night before and wonder if it's time to down tools and sell your music equipment for a university course in "doing something useful that will feed the animals and children"

...but then.. the spark happens.... it will be sometime really awkward.. you'll be just falling to the middle of a greatly satisfying bowel movement...or waiting for your change at your local sandwich bar.

The venue is not important...what's important is you've got it..... it's time to cancel the ebay listing of all your music gear, fire up your sequencer of choice and lay down the killer idea you had.

If you could only remember it.

Buy a digital recorder my friends, what the 70s would call a dictaphone.

Some of my best tracks have been due to the help of a dictaphone or my answerphone.

So, this is the end... stop reading this as a distraction... get on with the thing you were supposed to do before looking desperately for things to read. RSS is not your friend when you have deadlines.

Until the next time.


  1. Awesome post Graeme, thanks for the inspiration. And I think my cellphone has a voice record feature, which I never use, that I guess I should start remembering I have...

  2. Are you saying you will not keep your blog updated? You're leaving?

  3. @thetopgamer... I'm not saying that at all. "this is the end" was referring to the long post above.

    I'm keeping this blog alive... unfortunately at the moment, work is insanely busy, free time is currently at a premium.

  4. Sage advice & truth in every word.
    Your the man Graeme :D That just cheered me up no end.....that & listening to 'Like A Monkey'.