Friday, October 15, 2010

Run and Remix Update

The half marathon went really well, thank you to everyone who sponsered me, by about 10 miles, thinking of your generosity was what kept me moving. I want to do it again, the whole atmosphere of running along side thousands of people was a real feeling and emotion that will be with me for the rest of my life.

Let's Remix It !

I had a message waiting for me on my YouTube account from a rather talented chap Josh Koen, he's remixed the Bad Boss Boogie track from Donkey Kong Land, released way back in the mid 90s on the Game Boy.

I've put links of the original and his track for your enjoyment.

A bit of trivia regarding the piece.

Whilst I was writing a track for the industrial band I was in "Dydx" I came up with this hook I liked, but it was far too jolly for a serious Ministry sound a like band... I put it to one side, and when it came to writing Donkey Kong Land, I realised that this hook was just what I needed for this track.

Never throw any ideas away... save them off for a rainy day, you never know when they might be just what you are after!

Original track

Josh's remix


  1. wow, that was a really good remix !

  2. Hello Graeme! I'm from Brazil, and a big fan of your music - and the other guys who used to work at Rareware! I already knew your site, very cool, and nice to see you have a blog, too.

    About the post, nice song, great remix. I am familiar with this song from another game: Blast Corps. It was originally created for DK Land?