Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nobody Likes me, everybody hates me.

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Only joking....  Hardly anyone reads this blog, and not  surprising, it's hardly updating daily, which was my original idea.... apparently, I'm too busy making games rather than writing about them...shit on it!

Anyway... like the proverbial bad penny... the talk of TS4 is up again because my boss mentioned it in an interview...

So, if you think it would be a good idea to play a new version of Timesplitters... I imagine this time, it'd be free to play with episodic updates and 100s of characters... then you should at the very least go here and press the left mouse button over the icon that says "Like"

The goal is 100,000.!/Timesplitters4PLZ

To be brutally honest... I'd set it at 2,000,000.

If you can get that many people who are willing to press a button for a free game, then it looks like a going concern.

if it's a few thousand people, then what kind of message do you think that conveys to potential publishers and the current developer who owns the IP ?

Working on the three Timesplitters games was pure joy. I'm flattered that people consider it a great game, and take the time to tell me that in emails, but.... it didn't follow the popular crowd. it was different, it was very British in it's humour, you got to shoot Elvis impersonators against ducks and a goldfish in a bowl... COD and Battlefield didn't have any clowns or cowboys to my knowledge.

It was very important to break all the windows in a French church, or a curling challenge using a monkey as a puck and not forgetting a racing challenge using a cat as a car.

When you are a publisher making annual updates of your po faced shooters... you can see how TS was seen as a bad smell in the office.. regardless of the fans who wanted to play something that was a step away from the crowd, they couldn't market it... too many characters, too many locations, nobody is going to be able to market a game that can't be pigeon holed narrowly described publisher friendly few words.

That link again ?

Why it's...!/Timesplitters4PLZ

If I sound jaded...then it's because I've wanted to make a new Timesplitters since 2005... that was 7 years ago.... excuse my previous experiences of disappointment.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Shall definitely try get this aware to people, it would be superb :).

  2. I'd really rather it wasn't free to play in fairness. Can see us getting charged for extra characters, which does not appeal to me at all..

  3. It's just a shame that the progress we've made so far has just been by word of mouth. A massive number would be achievableif it made it to the big gaming sites.
    There's only so many people that check out Cevat Yerli's sodding Twitter account.

  4. I've been waiting for news for many years... What a shame. Timesplitters was the Monty Python of video games, and the music, your music, was perfect.
    I wonder if I'll find this much fun in a video game again.

  5. I would love to have a TimeSplitters 4 and would love to do my best to get it made, but I'm simply (and probably other people aswell) not interested in a free to play TimeSplitters (on PC). The game is an arcade game and had it's origin on the consoles. That's where it should be released on, in my honest opinion.

    If it won't, then I think it's better to not have it released, sadly...

  6. I am a huge fan of your work, I hope there will be enough interest for either a 4th TimeSplitters game or a HD release of TimeSplitters 2 (maybe the trilogy) on XBLA and PSN.

    I'd be happy if it were just ported and for TS2 running in wide screen at higher definition. Leave the textures alone it would be a lot of work to redo higher res textures for over 100 characters. I think the game would look great just running in HD as it was.

    I used to run a little fan site years ago and well, I decided to put together another little one. Its very much a work in progress but I'll put your blog in the links section as I very rarely check it out and it would be a good reminder.

    Thanks for allowing me to use your music in my 3d reel a few years ago :)


  7. TimeSplitters 4 needs to happen. From GoldenEye 64, to Perfect Dark, to the TimeSplitters series, to Second Sight, to the leaked early footage of Star Wars: Battlefront III... the Free Radical team has always a special kind of talent and vision that you just don't find in any of the teams at AAA developers.

    I never actually had an N64 as a kid, which puts me in the odd position of being one of the few people born in the early 90's who never played the system prior to 2006. But the PlayStation 2 was my first gaming system, and the original TimeSplitters was one of my first games: I remember the box art, and on the back of the U.S. release it said "Heir apparent to GoldenEye." Well, I'd never played it, so it didn't mean much to me at the time.

    But what do you know, TimeSplitters was one of my first gaming experiences - and easily one of my best. I played TimeSplitters 1, 2, and Future Perfect through with my dad - and he also loved the games - and we spent countless evenings taking turns trying to get through the wacky challenges, like punching zombies' heads clean off as Harry Tipper, or smashing windows at a construction site with as few bricks and as quickly as possible, or trying to complete "Mansion" on Hard without dying.

    It's interesting to think that Graeme's music for TimeSplitters was actually one of the catalysts that got me to start composing. And if you were to listen to my early work - and you shouldn't, because it's awful - you can hear a lot of TimeSplitters in there!

    I would love to see a TimeSplitters 4. But only if Crytek can get the original team back to work on it. It needs to feel like a real TimeSplitters game, and it needs to have TimeSplitters' uncut and unabashed wit and out-of-the-box sense of humor. Any attempt to curb it to market it to the "hardcore FPS" demographic would only make it precisely the type of game TimeSplitters was setting itself apart from.

    a long time TimeSplitters fan

  8. If we could manage to launch a new TS title It be best having your music in it GN!!! I can't believe how good music was in my favourite TS2!! Circus, Chinese, Mexican Mission, Wild West, Neo Tokyo! well All was a blast to listen to, and for a new TS we could need just as good music! :) thank's for creating badass tunes ^^

  9. Would not mind a new TS at all, though I wouldn't want it to be free 2 play. A more likely scenario would be a digital-only release. It'd be far too difficult to secure a physical disc release in this market nowadays. FPS saw a huge new surge of popularity with Cawl of Dootie as we all know, so even the FPS market is too different for it... TimeSplitters was never a dudebro shooter, it was classic zany arcade arena style like the classic FPS's of the time.

    It would fare much better as a digital release on Steam, PSN, and XB Marketplace. Even the Wii U and Vita could get versions. I think this would actually help sales and would please all the fans as well.

    Also, thanks Graeme for your amazing soundtracks on the games as well. I didn't know you were one of the few who went with Crytek after FRD folded, but it's good that you're there since you could do the soundtrack for a hypothetical new TS game.

  10. Timesplitters 3 is easily one of my favourite games of all time, and the Mapmaker is probably one of the things that inspired me to get into game design at university and, hopefully, as a future career. I mean I still occasionally play it now, on my PS2. I know TS4 isn't publisher-friendly, but I'd fork out a lot of money to get a new Timesplitters game. If it doesn't happen, then...hopefully an HD release can hit XBLA before my PS2 burns out for good.


  12. This situation blows. You and the other TS devs have wanted to give us ts4 for years, and we have wanted to buy it for years... What is the damn problem heh. Stupid ass publishers. Dont they get that over the years tons of people have discovered and fallen in love with the old TS games? Dont they get that its a unique type of shooter that and that there is very little comparable games on the market to compete with it? Dont they get that most blockbuster shooters were in face themesleves risky and unique ideas originally? Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was a risk and now its the most cloned game this generation. The market is saturated with crappy ass modern military shooters now. Dont publishers see the huge opportunity they have with something different like TS4?? IT has a cult following, and a growing following due to the cheapness and amazingness of the past games in the series...

    As much as I love crytek uk/ free radical, I really do not want some depressing severed off free to play slab of Timesplitters 4 being released in episodes. This game deserves a full retail release on consoles. The series's fanbse has been on consoles and that is where it needs to return. If Crytek wants to test the waters and see the fan demand for the TS series, why not release TS1, TS2, and TSFP in hd with online play on PSN, XBLA, and STEAM???? Cannot imagine it that hard to do, and tons of people would surely buy it. Then maybe they'd see that people want and would buy TS4 if it was finally made.

  13. Ok, I made a comment about how I thought if TS4 was to be made, it could possibly be free to play, episodic content. That's just an idea given that to make a FPS on consoles from start to finish as a boxed product will cost multiples more than a publisher is prepared to risk. TS1 cost just over a million UK pounds to make, TS2 about 2.5 and TS3 5million. With today's gen...or in this case, next gen, it seems unlikely that 5 million would be anywhere near enough.

    My comment was that, this was a solution to the problem...i.e. publishers won't wish to take such a big risk of a 3 year dev cycle.

    Besides, if it was episodic, you'd get to play it 2 years earlier... that's not such a bad thing is it ?

    Don't fear change :)

  14. That wouldn't be to bad if it was the only way it was going to get done I'd be up for that.

    I wonder if it would be a possibility to create a game more or less like last gen without all of the bell and whistles as current gen stuff for XBLA and PSN.

    Not as complex of environments, and less characters to keep development costs down (130 in Future Perfect was a lot).

    You could have better lighting, some cool effects as well as higher res textures, and characters with higher poly count than last gen but it would be a way to keep costs down and use a smaller team.

    It would be more of a throw back to TimeSplitters 2 perhaps.

    I'd really like to puchase whatever game gets made on a console if it happens. I hope the current wave of TimeSplitters support will at least show there maybe enough interest in the series to garner a TimeSplitters 2 XBLA/PSN port for the 10 year anniversary :)

    A full fleged game would be awesome, maybe some publishers will take notice and take a risk on TS4. I think it still has good potential to sell well, as all the shooters tend to be the same TimeSplitters would be a breath of fresh air in the market place.

    Just a few thoughts... Also if anyone is interested I have put a little more work into my fan site.


  15. I recently bought a used copy of TS2 to give to my 13 year old nephew. He plays the crap out of it just like I did and even has his friends over for multiplayer. The whole notion that it wouldn't be recieved well is bullcrap. All TS4 would need is some advertising.

    Remember, all the previous Timesplitters weren't exactly marketed very heavily, and the current number of FPS gamers is much much greater than in 2002 or 2005 thanks to CoD. I think a new Timesplitters would snatch up a big chunk.

    1. Ty, I think you might be right, when my younger cousins come over we usually play TimeSplitters as well.

      A friend of mine who never played TimeSplitters played through TS:FP with me and he mentioned if it was on PSN he'd get it :)



    "Q: One final question: What happened with Timesplitters 4? It's become the Bigfoot of gaming.

    CY: The Bigfoot of gaming? [laughs] The Yeti?

    Do you want the short answer or the long answer? Well, I'll give you the medium answer. I wish we would develop it. We can't develop it the way Free Radical had started it before we acquired them. When we looked at it – and again, I love Timesplitters, I'm a huge Timesplitters fan particularly of the multiplayer part. I love the idea, I love the brand, I love everything – but the publishers don't. That's reality. And I don't want to spend our own money on the project in a retail business.

    So let me say it this way: I love the picture of a Timesplitters running on GFACE.

    Q: I loved that game, particularly Timesplitters 2.

    CY: So if we get enough fans, being loud enough...

    Q: The Yeti could come back?

    CY: The Yeti can come back, on GFACE."

    How many fans do you think would be loud enough for this suggestion Graeme?

  17. You are great and TS4 news is awesome! I am listening to your music from TS and can't stop admiring it! You are great!

  18. Oh Graemey, I think everyone would absolutely fall in love with TimeSplitters; the reason they haven't is because they've never tried it; the reason they've never tried it is because they've never heard about it, or they've only heard it in passing. Over the years I've introduced a dozen people to TimeSplitters, and they all loved it.

    If only your new publishers could use TS:FP in market research, get a bunch of young and adult gamers together, get 'em to play it and ask what they think; they'd see a high percentage of people bloody like it if they just play it.

  19. The Timesplitters audience is way bigger than a Facebook group. Timesplitters is different, but that is exactly what is needed now with a frankly stagnant FPS market. Or just release the original trilogy on PSN, XBLA etc.

    Cevat should test the market rather than assuming because it's not COD, it won't sell.

  20. Well Graeme said before "TS1 cost just over a million UK pounds to make, TS2 about 2.5 and TS3 5 million. With today's gen...or in this case, next gen, it seems unlikely that 5 million would be anywhere near enough" Me personally would not 'test' the market for something that could be 1.5x or 2x the price of 5 million pounds.

    1. I'm no developer, but I can't imagine re-releasing the original trilogy on online stores would be too expensive.

      Timesplitters is too good to remain dead.

  21. Call it TS2 10th Anniversary Edition! I think TS2 came out in 2002? I would buy that off PSN. Just release it as with online multiplayer. What would be really cool is if they could take some of the existing single player maps and release them as multiplayer maps.

    Remember Siberia? Bam! That is 4 new multiplayer maps: starting area, dam area, far side buildings, and total map!

  22. Oh amazing! I had no idea you had a blog! I can finally formally thank you for creating some of my favorite music- I regularly listen to 'docks', 'anaconda', 'neotokyo', 'return to planet x' and many of the others while going about my day.

    In general a game's music is one of the less appreciated (though most important! aspects). It helps define the mood of the scenes- to make it a more intense experience.
    The Timesplitters series had some of the most original and fun music I have had the pleasure of listening to.
    Thank you. : )

  23. FFS Where is Timesplitters! If Crytek don't see the light I swear I'm going to rip my tits off!